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Ms Celia and Ms Carolina: The Inspiring Mother-Daughter Duo Behind Bake a Cake
Bake a Cake is a successful cake decorating school, founded in 2005 by Ms. Celia and her mother. Ms. Celia has always been a hands-on, crafty woman with a passion for cake decorating. Despite struggling with Spanish-speaking lessons in the Rio Grande Valley, she dreamed of one day teaching her craft to the Spanish-speaking community. However, with four young children, pursuing her dream was difficult. In 2005, Ms. Celia shared her dream with her mother, who decided to partner with her and help her achieve her lifelong goal. Thus, Bake a Cake was born, a name that was suggested by Ms. Celia's children.

Over the years, Bake a Cake grew exponentially, leading Ms. Celia to invite her eldest daughter, Ms. Carolina, to join the business in 2018. Ms. Carolina was sent to various cake and pastry courses throughout the U.S and Mexico, and with the guidance of her mother, she became an instructor. Today, Ms. Celia and Ms. Carolina are both co-owners and instructors at Bake a Cake, catering to both English and Spanish-speaking customers.

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